Nova Romania e.V. – press release [ger.]

Nova Romania e.V. – Press release

The establishment of the nonprofit association

Nova Romania (NovaRo) e.V.

in Munich



Members from Bavaria, of the Romanian community and those of the German-ethnicity community with roots in Romania, have set up the non-profit civil association Nova Romania e.V. The association was born out of the pro-European civic protest in Munich as a reaction to the so-called “Law of Amnesty” of the Romanian government, a law that seeks partial legalization of acts of corruption.

The Association will organize, alone or together with similar organizations in Romania and from the European Union, actions and events with and for the civil society. The association will also operate as a “Think Tank”, conceiving and implementing projects for the consolidation of democracy in Romania as well as for strengthening the dialogue between the European citizens.

As a first step, the association calls for the formation of an extra-parliamentary opposition in Romania. The civil society actors are to agree on the strategy of actions and protests in the country and abroad, as well as the establishment of a permanent constructive dialogue with the pro-European political forces. Continue reading