Nova Romania assists as an actor of the civil society the further development of a democratic Romanian culture as well as of a state under the rule of law and a policy which favours a meritocracy against any political or ideological issues. The citizen’s initiative emerged among the acute crisis of Romanian democracy in 2017 caused by the abusive measures of the newly elected Social-Democratic Party. This crisis challenged the survival of European democracy in a  country which is not only under attack by highly contested policy measures but also by opposing forces that displayed on several occasions extremist tendencies. The development of democratic structures inside the civil society can efficiently contribute to the stabilisation of the political landscape in Romania. Thus, NovaRo seeks to contribute to the strengthening of civil networks with the obvious focus on maintaining the rule of law and the pro-European orientation of the country. Our citizens’ initiative pursues the following objectives:

  • Creation of an expert group from various professional backgrounds to contribute to reducing the gap between the political class and society in Romania by developing concepts, elaborating analyses, collecting relevant data for projects and publications and representing the society in the dialogue with political actors.
  • Issuance of papers and other contributions on various topics such as the rule of law, modernization, dialogue, towards the sensibilization of both Romanian citizens and international public opinion about important Romanian and European issues.
  • Organisation of public civic events (workshops, lectures, conferences) for information and education.
  • Performing projects for promoting the development of the digital infrastructure for liberal education (,wireless democracy’).
  • Formation of a network of Romanian and European citizens for the exchange of interactive experiences on topics like civic engagement and support of the European democratic culture.

Link to our statute (in German)