Our contributions

The democratic participation in the processes of decision-making is based on an advanced public spirit of the citizens. By the following contributions, the members of NovaRo wish to provide the public debates with a new momentum and to support the development of innovative concepts for the modernization of the Romanian state and society.

In what follows, we are providing a list of texts written by members of NovaRo. These are the results of our internal as well as public discussions and workshops. For questions, comments and proposals, please feel free to write us: contact@novaromania.eu

All texts are licensed by CC BY-SA 4.0.

Proclamația românilor din diaspora 2017 [Proclamation of the Romanian diaspora]

Policy Paper: Extra-parliamentary opposition 

Intrebări de Ziua Mondială a Mediului 2017 către Președintele României și toate autoritățile române [Questions on the World Environment Day 2017 towards the President of Romania]

222 de sugestii contra poluării – Ghid pentru protejarea cotidiană a mediului [222 proposals against pollution – daily guide for the protection of our environment]